Hyderabad Metro Rail- Get Ready for Traffic Chaos!!!

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Come April-2011 and Hyderabad Metro Rail(HMR) Construction is set to start. While this might be the second time coming of Metro Rail post the Satyam Fiasco, the ball will roll with construction major L&T taking the work in its hands this time.

While we all will eat the fruits of Metro Rail after 5 Years(this is the estimated time- not indian standard time), everyone should gear up for traffic chaos on Hyderabad Roads. With 14-15Lac Vehicles(Out of 26Lac Vehicles) plying on Hyderabad daily, lot of chaos can be expected for the next 5 Years at least.

Plan Your Travel:
The best way to avoid HMR contruction traffic is to plan your travel in advance or else you could end up wasting 1-2Hours of your time on road.

A Sneak Peak Into What Can be Expected from HMR
(Source: www.hyderabadmetrorail.in):

Will keep you posted on HMR Construction and will soon post the construction roadmap of HMR here.

Happy Driving Till That Time!!!