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Saturday, December 29, 2012

What is the use of Aadhaar?

What is the use of Aadhaar? 
National Unique Identity – Digital and Online Verifiable

Typically an individual identity is defined in terms of demographic attributes namely name, gender,
age and address. But demographic data alone cannot guarantee uniqueness. Unique Identity is
possible by linking demographic attributes with bio-metric attributes like fingerprint and iris patterns
of the individual.
With recent advancement in technology,it is now possible to create a digital unique identity for an individual in a large population using bio-metric attributes (fingerprint and iris) which can be verified online. Each unique identity can be assigned multiple

identity tokens of various kinds which can be used
appropriately for authentication as per the business need of service rendered.

Creation and usage of a national unique identity which is digital and verifiable online, can address the current challenges faced in identity establishment by service agencies. Following are the key benefits:

• Availability of portable (works anywhere in India) identity, verifiable online
• Removal of duplicate and fake identities plugging leakages of welfare benefits.
• Authenticate the individual always as the same and unique person, anywhere and anytime
ensuring rightful claimant gets service or benefit.
• Higher scalability of services with online authentication, allowing the service agencies to use
multiple channels for service delivery.
• Reduced beneficiary harassment and rent seeking due to reduced dependency on manual
• More efficient service delivery process and reduced cost of identity establishment.
• No need to submit physical copies of identity documents. Reduced risk of identity theft associated with physical documents usage.
• Electronic audit trail can be created allowing service agencies to audit their service delivery process more effectively.


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