What is FSA or Fuel Surcharge Adjustment?

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What is FSA or Fuel Surcharge Adjustment? 

FSA or Fuel surcharge adjustment is the additional fuel cost that was not collected from consumers by discoms like APCPDCL in the previous years. The monthly electricity bills of consumers that year did not cover the actual cost of fuel that distribution companies paid to generators to buy power. So, to make up for the loss that discoms suffered, sometimes it is allowed if the government and court allows to collect this money in coming years. Usually their is a lot of political involvement as they do not want to raise the price frequently so that they do not loose the vote bank but due to heavy losses by the discoms lead them to take tough decisions and implement the policy.

In AP alone there were 175 cases filed because of sudden implementation of FSA in the current bills. Recently the Andhra Pradesh High Court upheld a common sequence refusing to meddle in a routine of collection of fuel surcharge composition (FSA). While disposing 175 cases filed relating to collection of surcharge, a justice systematic that a surcharge could be collected for 3 buliding of 2010-11, 4 buliding of 2011-12 and initial entertain of 2012-13 over dual years. However, a justice destined placement companies not to levy a surcharge for a initial entertain of 2010-11, that is due in Dec 2012. 

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Fuel Surcharge Adjustment for FY 2009-10 

1. Pursuant to the Fuel Surcharge Adjustment Filings made by the Distribution company 
viz., Central Power distribution Company of A.P. Limited (APCPDCL), for 
determination of Fuel Surcharge Adjustment for the four quarters of the FY 2009-10, 
the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) has determined the 
Fuel Surcharge Adjustment for the four quarters of the FY 2009-10 in its order dated 
17.01.2012, throughout the State of Andhra Pradesh.  

2. These FSA charges are applicable to all consumers (Except LT Agriculture 
consumers) for FY 2009-10 on monthly basis as shown in the Table below. 

FSA Schedule for FY 2009-10:

Month of Consumption for                       FSA Rate(Paise /kWh)              To be collected along 
which FSA is Charged                                                                                   with monthly bill of

Apr,2009                                                               42.55                                        July’ 2012 
May,2009                                                              42.55                                        August’ 2012 
June,2009                                                              42.55                                        September’ 2012 
July,2009                                                               49.38                                        October’ 2012 
Aug,2009                                                               49.38                                        November’2012 
Sept,2009                                                              49.38                                        December’ 2012 
Oct,2009                                                                 9.78                                        January’  2013 
Nov,2009                                                                9.78                                        February’ 2013 
Dec,2009                                                                 9.78                                        March’ 2013 
Jan,2010                                                                33.84                                        Apr’ 2013 
Feb,2010                                                               33.84                                        May’ 2013 
March,2010                                                           33.84                                        June’ 2013 

3. FSA for the FY 2009-10 as mentioned above  is being collected with effect from 
July’2012 bills. 

Notice Dt: 19-07-2012